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7 Simple Tips For Writing Successful Blog Post Titles

  You guys. I just had a "holy cow moment" of epic proportions and of course, I had to share it with you. It all started when I was researching blog post titles and ran across this data point: Traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline. Dude. I repeat....DUUUUUDE. If you're wondering where I came [...]


Coming Back From a Blog Break

  Can we be honest with each other about unplanned blog breaks for a second? I'm sick of pretending they don't happen, aren't you? I mean, life happens. Here's the deal...I get it. I promise I do. It's been just a little too long since you've updated your blog. Now you're in that place where just the mere thought of sitting [...]


Offline Strategies For Online Success

  Whether you are a blogger, online consultant or traditional business owner, if a majority of your exposure/income/success is driven through the internet, then I need to dispel a myth for you. Myth: When you own an online business, it is imperative to stay connected...like, ALL the time. Fact: That just aint true. The truth is, an overload of screen time puts [...]


Creating Group Boards On Pinterest

  I am super pumped today friend, because today is the day we’re going to seriously amp up our Pinterest prowess! Today I’m all about sharing one of the quickest ways to get people pinning your content all over the place and finding your audience there. Then I’ll be wrapping this post up with an invitation to 5 boards I created [...]


The Art of Residual Success

  Throughout my adult working life, there has been a common theme that binds every single one of my successes. It didn’t matter what industry I was working in. My job title made no difference. The positive results were all earned through this one tiny, simple little concept. A concept that I want to share with you...right now. And you know [...]

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