“Melissa McCarthy is my spirit animal.”

Ok, so that may not be relevant info for your blog, but you should know what you’re getting into here.

But you know what is kinda relevant about my affection for Mrs. M? It’s the fact she is gloriously herself in all things she does. She’s smart. She’s talented. She’s an original.

She’s fearless.

It’s that kind of confidence I want us to inherit in our businesses, too. She’s not fixated on being “cool”, she’s focused on being successful and being fulfilled. Melissa is pretty dang inspiring…and I might wish she was my neighbor. Just saying.

about tcg.

what the heck is The Common Great all about?

TCG is a hub for content that caters to bloggers and webpreneurs. Here is where I offer up some of my best tips, action plans and ideas for creating a kick butt online presence and breaking those things down in a less confusing/overwhelming way. In it’s most basic form, TCG is all about providing….

Great tips in common English.

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you got this.

no joke. you can really do this.

Look. When it comes to blogging, website creation, online marketing and all that stuff, I am completely self-taught. And although what I’m about to say is one of the most utterly overused phrases in existence, the absolute truth is…

If I can do it, so can you…dangit.

It’s hard work, but it certainly doesn’t have to be as confusing or complex as we sometimes make it out to be. You’ve already got the great product or service, I’m just here to help make sure you get found online and that your web presence fits you to a T.

you’re the rockstar.

i just wanna sing backup vocals.

You’re Gladys Knight. I just wanna be one of The Pips. 

My goal here is for YOU and YOUR brand and YOUR business to stand out and get the recognition they deserve.  I’m simply here to lend my voice and aide you in your quest to climb the charts.

A new challenge.

some background on lil’ old me.

So, I imagine some of you may want to know a smidgen more about who you’re dealing with here. That’s fair. But out of respect for your time and good taste, I’ll spare you all the gory details.

I studied psychology in college, presuming I would eventually be a high school guidance counselor. Instead, I used my new found insight of the human psyche in a (very accidentally obtained) sales/recruiting position.

To my complete surprise, it was a match made in heaven. It was also the beginning of a long and successful career, where I learned skills and created friendships that totally changed my life.

After several years in a single industry, a girl needs to try something new. Am I right? This desire led to assuming a Director of Marketing/PR role for a non-profit, and boy did I learn a ton.

I took all of my self-taught web development, social media, photography, and marketing skills and had the opportunity to trial-by-fire, rapid speed develop them to the next level.

And now, I’m once again switching things up and embracing a new challenge >> to share my potpourri of acquired knowledge with you! I mean, I’ve lucked out with some pretty great mentors over the years, (one of which I liked so much I married him, gasp!) and the stuff they taught me is too good not to share.


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